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Measuring Red Tide: Was 2018 really the worst?

Does it seem like red tide has never been worse in Charlotte and Sarasota counties? With lots of publicity and political overtones, the situation may have seemed especially dire this year during an election season. But that perception does not exactly depict reality — at least according to years’ worth of data analyzed by the

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A sought after job. Really.

Horse in Christmas parade requires human pooper scooper True Holiness Church Pastor Clifton McNealy followed closely behind a horse on Saturday with a stroller, his 8-month-old triplets, his son and a shovel. John Lloyd, or ‘Big John,’ cracked his bull whip and guided his golden buckskin quarter horse, Kitty, sideways, frontwards and towards awed children

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Fraudulent voting or a shaky hand?

A look at how poll workers determine if your signature is yours Charlotte county voter Wayne Cunningham, 79, steadied his left hand. Guiding his left with his right, he carefully glided his hand to mimic what he thought his signature was supposed to look like on his vote-by-mail ballot. “My signature is basically unrecognizable,” he

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