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Where did the birds go?

Migration, habitat loss contribute to dwindling presence The annual Christmas Bird Count saw 5,881 less birds this year, making it the lowest count for the area in 20 years. Even though it was a cloudy day with morning showers, the count was still lower than expected. This year’s bird count saw 16,449 birds, whereas last

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‘He looked depressed, lethargic’

A dozen residents stood quietly on the dock, pointing at a flipper in the fogged water. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) staff members and volunteers churned along a shallow Punta Gorda canal, pulling a bobbed net that was anchored across the water. The area between the two ends of the net progressively got

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Measuring Red Tide: Was 2018 really the worst?

Does it seem like red tide has never been worse in Charlotte and Sarasota counties? With lots of publicity and political overtones, the situation may have seemed especially dire this year during an election season. But that perception does not exactly depict reality — at least according to years’ worth of data analyzed by the

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