Roost’s Kevin Naderi Has Beaten Bobby Flay

The Roost owner is, apparently, on fire.

LAST NIGHT 8TH WONDER BREWERY not only served its lineup of craft beers to more than 300 young Houstonians, the hotspot also served up a champion. That’s right, Roost chef-owner Kevin Naderi can now officially decree to all of America that he did beat Bobby Flay.

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“Dead Rockstar Sing-A-Long Club” Debuts at Rec Room This August

The original performance piece pays tribute to David Bowie, Prince and mourning public figures.

WITH THE DEATH OF MUSIC ICONS DAVID BOWIE AND PRINCE THIS YEAR, Rec Room is honoring these legends with part-concert/part-theater performances this fall.

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Project Dance Performs in France

With the recent tragedies in Houston’s Sister City, dancers honor Nice with performances in the City of Light this weekend.

PROJECT DANCE BRINGS MORE THAN 100 DANCERS from around the world to Paris this weekend as they emulate messages of hope, peace and unity with performances at the famous Place de la Republique square in the heart of the city, not far from the November 13 attacks.

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This Harris County DA Invites Law-Breaking Citizens to “Make It Right”

A new program allows those with non-violent misdemeanors to have offenses and warrants removed from their records.

In only 30 minutes, you can make your public intoxication arrest or failure to appear in court charge seem like they never happened—and in a suprisingly legal fashion. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is offering a new one-day community outreach program on August 27 that allows non-violent, low-level misdemeanor offenses and corresponding warrants to be expunged from your record.

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Do you have what it takes to stand up at Open Mic Night?

Five comedians dish about opening up at the Houston Improv.

AT THE HOUSTON IMPROV, more than 20 acts and two hosts take the stage for Open Mic Night every Tuesday. With ample seating and plenty of food and libations, audiences sit back and watch comedians use their five minutes to try to get laughs from 50 starring strangers.
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Tinder is the Night

Online dating has become a game. Here’s how to win.

IT’S A LONELY TUESDAY NIGHT. You just got off work, and are cuddled in bed with your laptop and your trusty bottle glass of wine. As you binge-watch a season of The Office you’ve seen three times through, you wonder, do I have to do this alone? Well no, you don’t. Whip out Tinder and get your thumbs ready to swipe. There’s been much ado about how this addictive dating app is heralding the death of romance in dating, but the truth is Tinder can be fun if you play it right. Get out your notepads, because I’m about to drop some straight knowledge on you.

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