New York ‘is not going to be stopped’

Director of the Village Halloween Parade reflects on the city’s spirit hours after the tragedy

There were lights. Reds, purples and blues danced across the made-up faces and costumes of intricate zombies, Marie Antoinettes, Pennywises, jedis and inflated T-rexes bobbing their heads above the spooky crowd. The fictional beings promenaded in throngs, the booming drums echoing down every block of Greenwich Village.

It was almost as if there hadn’t been an attack a mile away just four hours earlier.

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Tinder is the Night

Online dating has become a game. Here’s how to win.

IT’S A LONELY TUESDAY NIGHT. You just got off work, and are cuddled in bed with your laptop and your trusty bottle glass of wine. As you binge-watch a season of The Office you’ve seen three times through, you wonder, do I have to do this alone? Well no, you don’t. Whip out Tinder and get your thumbs ready to swipe. There’s been much ado about how this addictive dating app is heralding the death of romance in dating, but the truth is Tinder can be fun if you play it right. Get out your notepads, because I’m about to drop some straight knowledge on you.

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