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Will Airport Authority primary be open or closed?

CHARLOTTE COUNTY — The August primary for an Airport Authority race could be closed to only registered Republican voters — but this is still up in the air. This is thanks to Martin Dorio, a write-in candidate from Englewood. Dorio’s candidacy closes the primary, meaning only registered Republican voters can vote for the two other

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What she saw outside, looking in

Port Charlotte woman witnesses migrant child detention Between March 2018 and August 2019, more than 14,300 unaccompanied immigrant children were sheltered at a facility just outside of Miami. The Office of Refugee Resettlement calls this the Homestead Temporary Influx Facility, but Port Charlotte resident Vielka Wambold calls it a prison.

Life after death

How organ donation turned one woman’s grief into hope On the third floor of Fawcett Memorial Hospital, Lenny Sanderlin was dying. It was unexpected and sudden. Sanderlin, 54, had been working his usual night shift at the North Port Walmart on a Saturday. By the time he returned home Sunday morning, the day before New

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How one resident is escaping opioid addiction

Amanda Kinsolving had been in and out of jail for years. The 31-year-old Port Charlotte resident experienced her first arrest in Charlotte County when she was 16, with a list of charges growing as she became more dependent on opioids. Last year, she was held in Charlotte County Jail for grand theft auto. And the

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‘He looked depressed, lethargic’

A dozen residents stood quietly on the dock, pointing at a flipper in the fogged water. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) staff members and volunteers churned along a shallow Punta Gorda canal, pulling a bobbed net that was anchored across the water. The area between the two ends of the net progressively got

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Measuring Red Tide: Was 2018 really the worst?

Does it seem like red tide has never been worse in Charlotte and Sarasota counties? With lots of publicity and political overtones, the situation may have seemed especially dire this year during an election season. But that perception does not exactly depict reality — at least according to years’ worth of data analyzed by the

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A sought after job. Really.

Horse in Christmas parade requires human pooper scooper True Holiness Church Pastor Clifton McNealy followed closely behind a horse on Saturday with a stroller, his 8-month-old triplets, his son and a shovel. John Lloyd, or ‘Big John,’ cracked his bull whip and guided his golden buckskin quarter horse, Kitty, sideways, frontwards and towards awed children

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