Below are an assortment of videos created during my Spring 2018 Video Production course with Professor Kyle McDaniel. The two PSAs and Dramatic Short (i.e. The Office Spoof) were a group effort, with Gopika Nair, Alanna Henderson and Aleksei Pavloff.

The Transcript Office

This project was filmed with two cameras in the Transcript Office at Ohio Wesleyan University. Each member of the group worked a camera when they were not acting for the scenes. Gopika Nair and Liz Hardaway wrote the script. Editing was done by Alanna Henderson (opening and end credits), Gopika Nair (scenes up until Miranda’s interrogation) and Liz Hardaway (Miranda’s interrogation and ending scene).

Au Revoir – The Front Bottoms

Inspired by the phenomenal storytelling and upbeat positivity of the Front Bottoms, Liz Hardaway developed the story, filmed and edited this tragic tale. Starring Gopika Nair, this video depicts the character getting over her cheating ex and moving on to bigger and better things.

How to Study for Finals PSA

This project was filmed using two cameras in Phillips Hall at Ohio Wesleyan University. Starring Aleksei Pavloff and Gopika Nair (featuring Alanna Henderson and Keaton O’Doherty), the scenes were filmed by Liz Hardaway and Alanna Henderson. The storyboard and concept were created by Alanna Henderson and editing of the footage was done by Liz Hardaway.

The Break Up

Starring Gopika Nair and Aleksei Pavloff, this video depicts the stages of grief one goes through when their douchey boyfriend breaks up with them. Concept, filming and editing by Liz Hardaway.

Recycling PSA

This project was filmed by Aleksei Pavloff in Phillips Hall at Ohio Wesleyan University. Starring Liz Hardaway and a SmartWater bottle. The storyboard, concept and editing were done by Aleksei Pavloff.