Will Airport Authority primary be open or closed?

CHARLOTTE COUNTY — The August primary for an Airport Authority race could be closed to only registered Republican voters — but this is still up in the air. This is thanks to Martin Dorio, a write-in candidate from Englewood. Dorio’s candidacy closes the primary, meaning only registered Republican voters can vote for the two other

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Where did the birds go?

Migration, habitat loss contribute to dwindling presence The annual Christmas Bird Count saw 5,881 less birds this year, making it the lowest count for the area in 20 years. Even though it was a cloudy day with morning showers, the count was still lower than expected. This year’s bird count saw 16,449 birds, whereas last

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What she saw outside, looking in

Port Charlotte woman witnesses migrant child detention Between March 2018 and August 2019, more than 14,300 unaccompanied immigrant children were sheltered at a facility just outside of Miami. The Office of Refugee Resettlement calls this the Homestead Temporary Influx Facility, but Port Charlotte resident Vielka Wambold calls it a prison.